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Inventory Reports

An Inventory Report is a record of the description, condition and cleanliness of everything in a property and its exterior spaces / outbuildings. Our Inventory Report provides a clear, accurate and detailed record of the property, alongside numerous high definition photographs. From experience, all clerks at Gatehouse Inventories know what is important in a report and what tenants and landlords frequently fall out over. Through accurate reporting, we can be sure we capture the important details to ensure at the end of the tenancy disputes are avoided. We take numerous photos so we have a good reference should there be a query or disagreement. As we are objective, our Inventory Reports will stand up and protect landlords and tenants should a dispute arise.

Check In

A Check In Report is carried out at the start of the tenancy. Here the clerk hands over the property to the tenant, agreeing meter readings, giving keys, testing smoke/carbon monoxide alarms and agreeing the condition of the property. The tenant is asked to sign a Check In document.

Mid Term

A Mid Term Inspection is made part way through a tenancy and looks at the condition of the property, its contents and any issues there may be. This gives the landlord reassurance their property is being properly looked after by their tenants. We will also highlight any maintenance issues noted.

Check Out

A Check Out Report is a report that compares the condition of the property against the original inventory. Any items considered damage and above fair wear and tear will be identified as the tenant’s responsibility. The level of cleaning is also checked and compared to the start of the tenancy and recorded. Any maintenance issues and observations potentially useful to the landlord will also be noted. Meter readings will be recorded and the house keys and manuals checked back in.

Price List:

Property Size Inventory Check In Check Out Mid Term Same Day Inventory & Check In
One Bedroom or Studio £85 £70 £85 £75 £135
Two Bedroom Flat £105 £70 £105 £80 £145
Two Bedroom House £120 £70 £120 £90 £155
Three Bedroom Flat £135 £70 £135 £95 £165
Three Bedroom House £140 £80 £140 £95 £185
Four Bedroom House £160 £90 £160 £105 £220